Tuttabirra, the cheese seasoned in red beer

33 scena tutta birra 1The enjoyment of cheeses together with wine is a well-known practice but many people now accompany cheeses with beer, taking advantage of the myriad of varieties of both products now available. The success of this more recent combination has led to the creation of this new and unusual cheese. By applying the experience gained of seasoning cheese in wine, some medium mature cheese have been seasoned in beer, choosing some unfiltered varieties of red beer, full of aroma and yeasts to be transmitted to the cheese. The result is a cheese with a thick golden rind, a fragrant and tasty dough which is compact with scattered holes. The aroma inevitably calls to mind that of beer, but delicately.

Tuttabirra is a table cheese produced with full pasteurised cow’s milk, with semi-cooked hard dough seasoned in selected red beers. This procedure gives the cheese the aroma of beer, the warm colour of the rind and the particular consistency of the dough. Compact straw yellow dough, with regular scattered small holes, smooth soft elastic rind, becoming thicker with maturation, its flavor is slightly sharp, becoming more intense with maturation.

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