Gastronomia Toscana: to the United States with a new brand identity

GastronomiaToscanaGastronomia Toscana, which has been on the market of fresh products for 30 years, emphasizes its role as a corporate brand, after a long analysis of the market, with the signature on all product brands and a major restyling, from the logo to packaging, to meet the needs expressed by consumers who are increasingly attentive and sensitive.

Gastronomia Toscana was born in 1985 in Prato thanks to the intuition the three brothers Franco, Marcello and Giovanni Tempestini had at that time. It is present on the market with its historic line of appetizers, sauces and ready first courses with Gastronomia Toscana brand; with the line of first courses and gourmet sauces with ‘Piccoli Lussi Quotidiani (Small Daily Luxuries)’ brand, realised in collaboration with chef Gianfranco Visscher; with the line of ready meals for coffee bars with ‘Siamo pronti (We are ready)’ brand. In the last few years ‘Mi garba (I like it)’ brand was added. The last one is the great challenge on the US market.

For more than two years these products have been present in some supermarket chains and for more than a year in New York Mi Garba Café wine bar has been opened. Here it is possible to taste the typical products proposed by this Company, sipping a selection of Tuscan wines: a restaurant in the heart of Manhattan, where the Tuscan tradition can be tasted and breathed, surrounded by a modern and comfortable environment. The new generation at the head of Gastronomia Toscana in the last year, after a thorough market analysis, developed a strong brand strategy and started an action of rebranding, which involved logo, packs, and corporate website. The restyling of the logo aimed at highlighting the name of the company, emphasizing the word ‘TOSCANA’. The range of references was then grouped into three sectors, which inform consumers in a clear manner about the products: Antipasti - Appetizers (for spreadable sauces), Sughi - Sauces (for seasoning for pasta), and Appena Fatti - Freshly made (for ready first courses).

The characteristics that today are considered as essential plus, too, are communicated on packs: gluten-free, vegetarian, and palm oil-free.

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