Tradition and innovation


_MG_7351_norifl‘Terre Ducali’, a company of Parma founded as a small-scale reality 50 years ago, over time has managed to emerge, grow, and distinguish itself in the field of cured meat thanks to a production based on the quality of its products, their organoleptic characteristics, and the attention reserved for innovation and packaging. Today it proposes a wide range of products, from short seasoning salami up to DOP 36 month Parma ham. These products are exported all over the world. The company is managed by the brothers Giulio, Giorgio, and Giancarlo Gherri, who made of the production of salami, typical of the land of Parma, the core business of Terre Ducali: «We have become leading producers of the ‘Strolghino Culatello’, prepared ​​with at least 53% of salted pork meat, and, since this year, with our DOP Parma ham we have become partners and accredited suppliers of ALMA, the most prestigious international school  of Italian cuisine in the world».

From Parma ham to ‘Salamillos’
prosciutto ambientato 2014DOP Parma ham, the most known all over the world, is the flagship product of the company. Terre Ducali Parma hams are prepared within a closed-loop supply chain, thanks to the six farms owned by the company. They are free of preservatives and additives, individually controlled and salted, and have a sweet and soft taste. Cooked hams with herbs, too, are high level products. They are obtained thanks to a selection of the best fresh and whole legs of pig, hand-tied and flavoured with a blend of spices and natural herbs which provide the products a delicate and special flavour. ‘IGP Salame Felino’, then, is characterized by an ancient, but always present tradition. Its name derives from the town in the hills of Parma where it has been produced for at least two centuries; it presents a1890494_10152284745580761_1347160980_o strong taste and rich aroma, and is prepared using carefully chosen pure pork leg meat, in addition to fatty selected parts, salt, garlic, and peppercorns. To this typical salami, the ‘Salamillos’ are one of the most innovative and successful products abroad. They are prepared with lean ‘culatello’ meat. They are ideal for appetizers or different and tasty snacks, proposed in g 100 packets, practical and suitable for tasting. These attractive packaging remind Cuban cigars and are available in 4 versions: Classic, characterized by sweet and delicate flavour; with DOP Parmigiano Reggiano, which distinguishes itself for its rich taste; with olives, characterized by an inviting and unusual aroma; and with chili pepper, with its strong and appetizing flavour. scatola-salamillos_91003Among the most exported products, the sliced ham and salami, too, characterized by high quality and typicality of the selected salami, by the placement of the slices carried out by hand in very light preformed trays.

Worldwide export
Terre Ducali has always been oriented towards the production of salami prepared without gluten, allergens, lactose, or added polyphosphates. All the Terre Ducali products, except for DOP and IGP ones, are identified with the 'ZERO' brand, because they are free from these elements and therefore can be used by customers who suffer from the most common food intolerances and allergies. Terre Ducali, standard-bearer of innovation, both in Italy and abroad, has adopted a business model which mainly makes use of large retail channels and prefers a commercial line that focuses on both consumers’ growing awareness, and attention for the trends concerning market and consumption. In recent years, it has received  many international awards and certifications; among them, ‘EMAS’ European environmental registration; Biological, IFS, BRC Global Standard Food certifications; UNI EN ISO 22000:2005 and BSE OHSAS 18001:2007, as well as authorization for the export of its products towards USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, China, and Brazil. trio_salumiconsumi_gen12

Typical, but innovatory
Giorgio Gherri, responsible person for production and business innovation, explains: «We focused our attention on the production of the full range of Italian cured meat: typical products, innovatory as for both packaging and service, and with a very high quality standard. This is our strength. We are one of the 5 Italian companies which can export in the USA cured meat whose seasoning lasts less than 400 days. We have recently expanded our range in the area of ​​pre-packed fresh products, by introducing in the market the first line of premium Italian sandwiches, thanks to which we have won several awards and acknowledgements; however, we want to realize more important projects and, alongside with the constant growth we achieved over the years, we would like to be increasingly recognized as ambassadors of Italian cured meats all over the world. The quality of raw materials, the raceability guaranteed by a closed cycle of production, many operations carried out by hand as an added value, attention for alimentary and health requirements by our consumers, and Research and Development aimed at innovation in order to improve our consumer service, will be the values which will continue to drive our business».

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