Trading in kiwi with Korea is the key for Italy to access Asian markets

Korean inspector Sang-Hun Lee came to Italy to visit Calabria and Basilicata for a “on site survey”, as planned in the protocol signed in 2012 by our country and Korea to trade in kiwi.
Korean market hasn’t got a big potential for us, since it imports almost 20,000 tons of kiwi mainly from New Zealand and the United States, but the country can be a pass to go into business with other Asian markets.
According to Simona Rubbi, phytosanitary barriers responsible for Cso Italy, "Korea is one of the most restrictive markets ever regarding the entry of fruit and vegetables and the fact that Italy - with kiwi - has got qualifications and an adequate system to get in Korea, means that it can cope with other markets, that remain closed so far.

di Adriano Palazzolo

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