The Voghiera Garlic, mild by nature

Voghiera GarlicThe DOP Voghiera Garlic is renowned for its sweet taste, not pungent, with a fresh aftertaste. It is the synthesis of natural enzymes, vitamins, flavonoids, and minerals salts, which together create an incomparable aromatic and genetic soul. Just the uniqueness of its flavour has allowed this product from the province of Ferrara to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin. Its bright white colour and its large bulb are the first aspects the consumer notes, in addition to its perfectly rounded shape, consisting of bulbils united in a precise manner. In addition to its very white colour, its pleasant taste, and compact form, it owes its success to its ability to keep for a long time without deteriorating. In order to preserve its delicacy, its cloves can be left either whole or ‘poached’, or with their peel. Its intense aroma emanates better by crushing it in a mortar or chopping it with a knife.

How to keep its flavour and aroma
Its bulbs must be hung in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Alternatively, it is possible to peel its cloves and then freeze them. It is easily digested and appreciated even by those who do not like traditional garlic. Both drying and freezing do not diminish its flavour and aroma.

Voghiera GarlicThe land of Garlic
The Voghiera Garlic is a symbol of the centuries-old agricultural and culinary tradition of Romagna. It has been cultivated since the Middle Ages in the fertile Po Valley in Ferrara, an ecosystem characterized by specific climatic conditions, always suitable for the production of garlic. Ever since the time of the Este family, the rulers of Ferrara from the Thirteenth to the Sixteenth century, the area of ​​the ancient Voghenza, today Voghiera, had been used for growing vegetable plants, herbs, and in particular garlic. After the end of the Este’s domination, peasants and landowners of these campaigns, once located along the Po River, continued the cultivation of garlic, which has been maintained to the present day. The characteristics of this production are related to the component in clay of these soils, which promotes the drainage of underground water, as well as the climate of this area. This production is limited to the territory of the municipalities of Voghiera, Masi Torello, Portomaggiore, Argenta, and Ferrara only.

The numbers of garlic
There are 36 companies which produce this valuable product, reaching every year nearly 10,000 tons of DOP Voghiera Garlic, with a turnover of around one million Euros. This is a niche production, but it is widely followed. 90% of this production is absorbed by local and national market. The remaining part goes mainly to Germany and England, where it is required by prestigious restaurants. The producers association is very active in the promotion of this product, especially in the summer, by taking advantage of many foreign tourists’ presence, on the Adriatic Sea and along the Po River Delta, just 40 km from the town.

Fresh, semi-dry, dry
The Voghiera Garlic is marketed in the categories ‘Extra’ (minimum size 45 mm) and ‘Prima’ (minimum size 40 mm). It is sold fresh within five days after collection, semi-dry between the 6th and the 10th day, or dry, from the 11th day onwards. It is dried in a completely natural way. When it is fresh, its stem is still green. When it becomes semi-dry, its stem turns white and eventually it becomes completely dry. It is available in braids from g 500 to kg 2, in nets from g 100 to 500, and in bags from kg 1 to 5.
Voghiera Garlic

For the use in cooking, especially with pasta and fish, the Voghiera Garlic is also marketed preserved in oil. It is also sold in cream, where its flavour and aroma are intense and pleasant, suitable with cooked vegetables, potatoes, or meat. For some years, it has also been sold with the addition of spicy horseradish, a very aromatic and at the same time sweet pairing, especially excellent on boiled meat.

The Italian ‘Bruschetta’
The best way for tasting the Voghiera garlic is the typical ‘Bruschetta’ of the Italian culinary tradition. For preparing it, home-made bread is used, not soft, even better if baked and without additives. The bread should be toasted in the oven for ten minutes over medium heat. Then the Voghiera Garlic cut in half is rubbed on the bread, one for each slice. A few drops of extra virgin olive oil and some leaves of thyme or other aromatic herbs are added. The slices of bread must be then put in hot oven again, under the grill, for three more minutes and served hot. Before or after putting the slices of bread in the oven, it is also possible to sprinkle them with grated Parmigiano cheese. The Bruschetta can be served with fresh tomatoes and basil, too.


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