The unexpected Made in Italy: Premium Red Tuscan tomato

Tuscany plus an A Brand as Petti, for a new Premium Red Tuscan tomato product. Following the success of wine tourism, history and landscape that have made the Tuscany region a brand that is known worldwide, in 2013 the Petti Group decided to invest in the enhancement of the brand with the Petti line - the tomato as the focus product - only tomatoes from Tuscany worked at low temperatures, with sales that are growing by 8-12% per month.Tuscan tomato

“The line is placed in the premium segment -says Pasquale Petti, CEO of the Group- and is produced in the Livorno plant by Italian Food SpA”. Not only for the territoriality of the raw materials, it is distinguished by the innovation process and by the packaging: unlike many industrial products, pomodori Pasquale_Petti_02the 100% Tuscan tomato is worked at low temperatures (cold break processing), a procedure which gives a lower yield, but it allows you to maintain the organoleptic qualities and the bright red color of freshly picked tomatoes.

“We used a transparent label on the packaging to emphasize the focus on the tomato so that it can be seen from every side of the bottle”. Currently the exports of the Petti product -with the tomato as the focus- amount to 20% (70% of the total exports of the Group) and are mainly come from Northern Europe, the UK and France, markets that can enhance the quality of their products and are historical references for the Group. “The positioning of the product in the top of the range, in an area like tomato-based products also helps limit the price pressure exerted by the big supermarket chains, which invests primarily in private label products”.

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