The unexpected Made in Italy: Mozzarella from South Tyrol

South Tyrol gives the examples of how one of the most burdensome element for the export of Italian food, the fragmentation of production, can be overcome. The best known case has to be apples, but we also have the example of Brimi, a cooperative with 1,250 members, all small producers of milk from the mountains.South Tyrol

“In the late sixties -says Martin Mair, commercial director of Brimi- our breeder’s milk was used in part for the production of fresh milk and local cheeses and the rest was sold in companies from the South and Central part of Italy for the production of string cheese. From a qualitative point of view the protein component and fat makes it ideal for this type of work, so we decided to complete the chain in the area and so in 1978 the mozzarella from Alto Adige project was born”.
Martin Mair, direttore commerciale BrimiBrimi has transformed its geographical location in the mountains as logistical and competitive disadvantage in a plus: “In Italy and in neighboring countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) the South Tyrol is synonymous with health and nature, while the markets of Northern Europe where the region is not well known, we communicate the “made in Italy” character of our mountain milk with no GMOs. The mountain origin of the raw material, emphasized even more in the new packaging that was launched last year, we have combined the essential innovation of the product, we are, in fact, one of the few companies in the market that work five recipes of mozzarella: classical, light, organic, lactose free and fior di latte”.

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