The senses’ pleasure

Two new references by Grappa Frattina: the ‘Fumo di Rovere’ and the ‘Grappa Bianca’. Flavours and aromas framed by elegant bottles , characterized by soft lines and clear glass to emphasize the purity of the distillate. A bunch of grapes as the stylized logo of the brand.

Fumo di Rovere

Fumo di rovereExcellent raw materials combined with a slow aging of 12 months in oak barrels give to the most demanding palates the refined pleasure of Fumo di Rovere. A barrique Grappa with a harmonious taste, rich and enveloping , hints of vanilla, red fruit jam, roasted coffee and cocoa. An intense and hot aroma for a structured and valuable taste.
Available in 50 cl and 70 cl. Alcohol content 40° .

Grappa Bianca

bottiglia grappa bianca_frattina_1Obtained from marc selected from fine grape varieties. Prevailing note of berries with a spicy and delicately herbaceous hint.

Available in 70 cl and 100 cl. Alcohol content 38° .

And the road to pleasure continues with two other references by Grappa Frattina:

Chardonnay Grappa
Determined and elegant: two adjectives that best characterize the Chardonnay Grappa. A great flavor and balance, with a remarkable cleanliness that enhances the originality of the aromas. A slight balsamic note marks the taste with delicate hints of green apple and pear.

Available in 50 cl, 70 cl, and 100 cl. Alcohol content 40° .

Grappa di Moscato d’Asti
A soft, harmonious , warm and inviting Grappa, with the intense aroma typical of the Moscato grape. Floral notes of rose and fruity peach, blackberry, wild berries and currants. The taste is sweet and textured, with shades of peach, pink, date and black pepper.
Available in 70 cl, and 100 cl. Alcohol content 40°.

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