The pleasure of a glass of wine

Il Matto Mignon_packaging e bottiglia‘Il Matto delle Giuncaie' by Fattoria Dianella is a IGT (Indication of Geographic Tipicity) red wine with a special character, as it is produced with Sangiovese grapes from a single cru only and, at first glance, it might seem a vigorous red wine, but, at a closer look, it gives an unexpected softness and drinkability, with notes of red fruits blended with tobacco, characterized by a complex and articulated flavour. It is an original wine, which offers special emotions to people who are able to wait: as a matter of fact, only towards the end it reveals its tannic character, showing all its complexity.
Its ‘Mignon version’, an elegant bottle in a 375 ml size, is the solution for a consumption of quality wine, even for just one glass. Its design is classic, but at the same time appealing: the gentle, rounded silhouette of the bottle reminds the taste of this wine and the elegant wooden box recalls its refined bouquet.

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