The newborn Institute of certified Italian Excellence

Certification will be the main weapon of the Institute of certified Italian Excellence. The association has the aim of protecting and promoting Italian food products . An association of producers that will work together to build a certified image of Made in Italy, especially for foreign buyers .
«The association has been created to protect the economic, cultural and traditional Italian excellence: coffee, wine, cheeses, meats, spirits , beer, up to non-food products that are an expression of our genius loci - said Stefano Abbo, CEO of Costadoro, historical Turin producer of coffee, and now president of the Institute. Instruments of certification will be many, from sensory analysis to instrumental one, up to market researches».
The Association will have its headquarter in Brescia at the Taster Study Center - the research unit of sensory analysis most advanced and complete in Italy. «We are thrilled to be able to incubate this new reality, as we have done in the past and continue to do so with similar realities - said Luigi Odello , Chairman of the Taster Study Center. The Institute will thus enjoy the synergies that we have created over the years and that we make now available for its mission».

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