The new regulations of the PGI Pear of Emilia Romagna being approved in Brussels

At the beginning of the year, in Syracuse, Sicily, the new regulations of the PGI Pear of Emilia Romagna, being approved in Brussels, was presented during an event dedicated to the Italian fruit and vegetables protagonists.
The Quality catalog, a unique volume in Italy that shows through pictures the quality of the product, was updated and it is now available online on the website, where it is possible to find also the new instructions contained in the regulations being approved and that will simplify some requirements to obtain the PGI certification.
The most significant changes will affect the storage conditions, the types of farming and packaging.
Also, the territory of PGI was expanded and two Summer varieties have been added, Santa Maria and Carmen, to complete the range and to extend the trade period for the PGI Pear of Emilia Romagna.

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