The Italian organic

In the first nine months of 2018, the offer of organic products made in Italy has been further enriched thanks to the increase in operators who can be holder of the "organic" green stamp. Almost 4,500 units more the agricultural and fishing firms from the beginning of the year, which bring to over 62 thousand the total number of organic companies operating in Italy.

The updated map of companies with organic certification is the result of the agreement between Accredia, Unioncamere and InfoCamere - active since 2017 - which made the data of the certification body available through the company register of Chambers of Commerce.

The vocation to environmentally friendly production has conquered in recent years a wider and wider audience of companies. Of the 62,364 certified companies, detected last September, 27 thousand (43.5%) have been accredited by the national certification system only in the last four years.

For the majority, these are localized in the South (54.1%), more than double of those based in the North (25%) and almost three times those in Central Italy (20.9%). More than half (55.3%) of certified companies are concentrated in only five regions with Sicily at the top (14.1), followed by Calabria (13.9), Puglia (11.3), Emilia Romagna (8.6) and Tuscany (7.5).
From the analysis of the governance, the world of organic entrepreneurship is characterized by a marked presence of female companies (companies led by women are 28.7% of the total) and youth (11.4% the share of "under 35").

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