The Gustoso’s Network Partners in New York

These are the 15 businesses which have already joined the network Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence:

Molini Riggi: Since 1955, it has been specialised in producing stone-grounded flours and pasta from ancient Sicilian wheats; Birrificio Bruno Ribadi: It produces Sicilian crafted beers with manually operated systems employing local raw materials; Made Fruit: They make Organic Grape Sugar, Organic Carob Sugar, Date Sugar, Apple Sugar, Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnut, Black Cherry, Red Fruits and Strawberry Toppings; Azienda Vitivinicola Tonnino: It is located in the Contessa Entellina, Salaparuta, and Poggioreale areas of the Valle del Belice where the microclimate is famous for the strong personality it transmit to the wines they produced; Gustibus Alimentari: They make auces and vegetables preserves; Miscela d’Oro: High quality coffee makers since 1946; Asaro: Since 1916 it has been producing top quality olive oil, as proven by the many acknowledgements it has been awarded; Pannitteri: They grow and process citrus fruit and blood orange in particular; Valle del Dittaino: A cooperative of durum wheat producers who verticalized the whole productive process from wheat grains to grounding and baking; Olive di Sicilia: It is specialised in processing and distribution of olives to produce and market ‘table olives’ as a semi-processed product; Sabadi’: They make organic cold-processed chocolate with fair-trade raw materials and slow food presidia; Caffo Distilleria: a company specialised in the production of bitters and distillates, leader in the Italian and international market; Chioccilia: It is a leading company producing cosmetics and food items with ingredients taken from snails; La Fenice Antica Pasticceria Siciliana: They hand-make traditional confectionery; particularly appreciated are Almond Pastries and Marzipan Fruit. Over the years, the company has started producing also artisanal short-crust pastries and a new line of aperitif savoury snacks; Gustoso Export Promotion Italia: The company has been purposely established to manage the trading and communication activities of the business network.

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