‘The Foodies Bros’, the new line of food specialities, is coming. It is designed for exports

About The Foodies Bros.: it is a brand of Foodies Italia S.p.A, the Central Purchasing Unit for the distribution of typical Italian products on the international markets. It is part of Eurofood Group, already specialised in the import of food products from all over the world. The brand includes a large variety of such entirely made in Italy products as artisan pasta of Gragnano, biscuits, jams, extra virgin olive oil, breadsticks, fish preserves, and ready risottos. The complete catalogue of products is available at: www.foodiesitalia.it

The best of Italian food specialities
With this spirit, The Foodies Bros. brand will be promoted in the world and will represent the best for all enthusiasts of authentic Italian ingredients. The range includes some ‘must have’ for fans of Italian cuisine - such as Arborio and Carnaroli rice, extra virgin olive oil, tuna fillets, and citrus marmalades - leading true gourmets in a gastronomic journey through the whole Country. This journey concerns both Italian regions and their typical ingredients, to guarantee the authenticity of the range.
The products of the The Foodies Bros line are present in the most sought after and prestigious Italian shops of gastronomic specialities and at present a part of the range is already available for on-line orders on Amazon.it.

Underneath are displayed some of the specialties by The Foodies Bros.

Attention to details
It is not just a matter of product quality. As for packaging, with deliberately vintage features, it is rich in artistic elements strongly linked to the Italian cultural tradition, but revived in innovative and contemporary way. Furthermore, each pack is signed and guaranteed by Simone Rugiati, a recognised talent in the culinary scene, who has been able to transmit his passion and enthusiasm for innovation in cooking respecting tradition.

Guarantor of quality of the products
Simone Rugiati is considered one of the most talented Italian Show Chefs. In fact, he has fascinated the public of many TV programmes, including Street Food Battle proposed by Italia 1 and Cuochi e Fiamme by La 7, in which he plays the role of conductor.

Chef Simone Rugiati said: ‘The choice of ingredients and products to be used in cooking preparations is the starting point for a successful course. This is why I have always deepened the characteristics of the raw materials that make Italian cuisine unique and loved all over the world. The Foodies Bros. line wants to celebrate the products that represent the foundations of our culinary tradition: they are authentic, genuine, and indispensable for those who want to give something more to their recipes, or simply to be sure of the quality of foods’.

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