The export of Italian salami and cold cuts is booming in the United States

Exports of Italian salami and cold cuts boom in 2015 and the United States are particularly receptive, thanks to significant changes in the stringent regulations concerning the entrance of meat products in this Country. According to data provided by Assica referring to the first eight months of 2015, total foreign sales have exceeded 102 thousand tonnes, with increase by 6.2% in comparison with the same period of previous year. The total turnover exceeds 847 million Euros (+ 4.5%). In the USA, the pace was definitely above average, since exports recorded + 19% in volume (5,466 tonnes) and + 24.7% in value (over 66 million Euros). Top sellers in the USA, in the first eight months of 2015, were seasoned hams (+ 23.7% in volume and + 26.8% in value). Community protection brands and a very strong traditional image allow maintaining an important appeal for the North American market. Precisely thanks to this ‘hunger for typical products’ of the US market (and an amendment by the US legislation that now allows the entrance of cold cuts even at early aging, if they come from Northern-Central Italy, recognized as free from swine fever), ‘Strolghino’, too, has made its debut in the United States. Strolghino is sausage typical of the Po river plain, with just 40 days for seasoning. This product is meeting increasing success from ‘fans’ worldwide.

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