The Art of Baking

bibanesi 100g 250g 400g 500g (3)The success’ secret of the company ‘Da Re’ in Bibano Godega di Sant’Urbano (province of Treviso) consists in combining artisan manufacture of bread with an enterprising spirit of innovation. Thanks to passion, expertise, and creativity shown by its owner, Giuseppe Da Re, this company has been able to create a unique product in the world, transforming such a consumer good as bread in ‘Bibanesi’, which are considered a true Italian food excellence. Bibanesi, titbits of bread moulded and pressed by hand, today are considered a typologically independent food and are counted among the traditional and typical products and types of bread characteristic of Veneto.

The bread which believes to be a bread-stick
cartello2 v stirati a 45,4x27,5Artisan and manual manufacture, as well as a rising of more than 22 hours, are the key elements of the success of Bibanesi, crumbly and crunchy, dry and lightly salted, with a small amount of sesame seed on their surface and characterized by an always different shape. Thanks to their particular manufacturing process and careful research concerning flavours, Bibanesi are suitable for accompanying every dish. They do not contain food preservatives, chemical additives, emulsifiers, colouring agents, improvers for bread production or GMOs, either in their parts or by-products, ingredients, or flavourings. The colour of Bibanesi is golden yellow, characterized by a blond tone specific of bread’s crust, sometimes slightly tanned, while their flavour is the one typical of bread, light and pleasant, tastefully influenced by 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, obtained from a selection of some cultivars characterized by sweet, delicate flavour; just the use of this certified oil guarantees the nutritional wealth of Bibanesi as well as their Mediterranean flavour.

Many flavours: from pizza to milk and honey
300 e125 Lalle e Miele BIBAPE300x260Over the years, after an extensive research concerning flavours and a long testing, classic Bibanesi have been complemented by several other product lines, such as Bibanesi 100% Kamut and Bibanesi di Kamut Linea Bio, or the version Unico characterized by the nutritional qualities of type 1 flour, with high content in proteins and rich in crude fibres, as well as important mineral elements. From simple ingredients Bibanesi milk and honey, too, were born, an irresistible snack, when accompanied by jam, honey, or a piece of chocolate, in order to evoke the pleasure of simple flavours as well as healthy and appetizing snacks which were widespread in the past. Finally, a line of Bibanesi in five new flavours has been proposed: Pizza, Rosemary, Onion, Pepper, and Olive. The innovative and balanced flavour of these products, obtained without using flavour enhancers or artificial flavourings, makes them a quality snack, ideal at any time of the day.

More and more export
Da Re, certified by the control organisation SGS according to the International Food Standard (IFS), in order to diversify the markets started proposing Bibanesi in foreign markets by means of some sale programmes in USA, Japan, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, and Switzerland. Da Re explains: «Just considering the markets’ internationalization, and in order to increase our production, respecting the manual manufacturing of Bibanesi, we are planning an investment which involves the realization of a single manufacturing plant, including four facilities which will be built at Bibano, in a green area. This extension will allow us to meet in a more structured way international requests, too».

Solidity and transparency
_E5O1682 (2)Da Re has paid close attention to both structural qualities and aesthetic graphic qualities of the wrapping of Bibanesi. Giuseppe Da Re specifies: «Our packaging can guarantee for a long time integrity, fragrance, and freshness of the product, because we use very solid wrappers, able to offer the best protection for baked products. Our bags consist in four components (polythene, aluminium, paper, polyester), in which an aluminium barrier (9 microns) stands in a relevant way. It preserves Bibanesi from the effects of both atmospheric and natural agents, which can oxidize oil and favour the process of rancidity. This way, we can guarantee for our products a rather distant expiration date. As for graphics, I can say with pride that the marketing communication as well as the design of the wrappers are all designed and made within our company. On all packaging the indications concerning artisan manufacturing and related to the total absence of chemistry, as well as use of yeast bases and 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, are written. We do not give up simplicity and clarity of images, which accurately reflect both simplicity and transparency at the roots of the recipe of Bibanesi».

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