‘Emozioni di Frutta’, the analcoholic ready to drink aperitif

This summer Sanbittèr renewes its ‘Emozioni di Frutta’ range with a new refreshing cocktail made from Blackcurrant’s juice, the perfect aperitif for all the people who do not give up a moment of pleasure and conviviality, in any time of the day. This new drink mixes Sanbittèr’s enjoyable sparkling taste with blackcurrant’s lively and intense flavor.

1The small black berries, rich of strong perfumed and slightly sour tasted seeds, are typical summer red fruits. Their name comes from the Arabic tradition, as a result of cultural fusions between East and West. Arabs, in fact, used to consume, in the ancient ages, a refreshing drink, a syrup made by Rheum Ribes, a very popular plant in those areas. During their travels through the Europe, they discovered a surrogate, which they named Ribes. Nowadays, the juice of these little black berries is considered as a glamorous drink by the consumers who always look for original products. It is more and more trendy, also as a main ingredient in food recipes, cosmetics and drinks. Pleasant and simple to find, Ribes is now entering in the aperitif’s world, changing its rules.

Sanbittèr for over fifty years celebrates the pleasures of wellbeing and of cherished moments with friends with its legendary ‘Intervalli’. Its new Emozioni Blackcurrant Fruit is not just a drink, but a real cocktail that mixes the unique taste of Sanbittèr with the refreshing properties of blackcurrant juice. The innovative 20cl long neck bottle is perfect to maintain the special taste of the drink. On the label, the legendary silver star and a purple background gives to the drink a bright, glamorous, and appealing look.


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