Terre Ducali back from New York

From the 25th to 27th of June, Terre Ducali was in New York to attend the Summer Fancy Food Show. This has been an important showcase for the firm, since the United States, together with Canada, is the main non-EU market of the company, with the 11% of its turnover.

Giulio Gherri

As Giulio Gherri, CEO of Terre Ducali explains, “our overseas presence has become more significant since the end of 2015: an effect of the US market opening on short-maturing salami. We were the first to export to the US two typical Food Valley products such as Culatello Strolghino and Salame Felino: thanks to the adoption of high pressure technology, with which we reset the risk of contamination from Listeria monocytogenes and increased shelf life considerably”. Previously Terre Ducali was in the United States for its roasted and cooked specialties, in particular roasted ham and culatello and herb ham.

It's a company of Parma founded more then 50 years ago. Today it proposes a wide range of products, from short seasoning salami up to Pdo 36 month Parma ham. These products are exported all over the world. The company made of the production of salami, typical of the land of Parma, the core business of Terre Ducali: “We have become leading producers of the ‘Strolghino Culatello’, prepared ​​with at least 53% of salted pork meat”. Parma hams are prepared within a closed-loop supply chain, thanks to the six farms owned by the company. They are free of preservatives and additives, individually controlled and salted, and have a sweet and soft taste. Cooked hams with herbs, too, are high level products. They are obtained thanks to a selection of the best fresh and whole legs of pig, hand-tied and flavoured with a blend of spices and natural herbs which provide the products a delicate and special flavour.

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