Solarelli salads: it’s a success in the United Arab Emirates

di Adriano Palazzolo

Consumers of the UAE seem to be more and more interested in Solarelli salads, sold in the Middle East country by a partnership between Apofruit, owner of the Solarelli brand, and Opo Veneto, association of fruit and vegetables producers, member of Mediterraneo Group.
In 2016, fortythousands large packages of ready-to-eat salads were sold, most of them processed by Opo Veneto.
It has been a year since other Solarelli products are present on the shelves of the UAE stores.
Renzo Balestri, Apofruit Foreign market office, said: “An extremely positive balance. Every week up to four flights leave to the UAE with 7 or 8 platforms of Solarelli products”.

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