Sarchio gets crispier with the new Puffed Quinoa

Sarchio presents a new reference, result of the selection of raw materials coming from organic farming only: Puffed Quinoa.

Gluten free, crispy and delicate, the puffed quinoa grains are obtained by the simple high-pressure cooking of the seed. They are ideal for drinks or vegetable yogurts, fresh fruit and seeds for a breakfast that provides all the nutrients needed to start the day in a balanced way.

Thanks to low fat content, puffed quinoa is a good alternative to classic cereals to enrich the diet of the whole family and especially of those who follow a controlled diet. Perfect for breakfast, it can also be used as an ingredient in the preparation of salty meals or soups, as well as in the creation of desserts.

Puffed quinoa is the latest of Sarchio's breakfast proposals, including: Oatmeal, Sprouts, Puffed Kamut, Honey and Gluten-Free Puffed Grains: Natural Puffed Rice, Corn Flakes, Crispy Natural or Cocoa Rice.

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