Saclà Vegan Pesto alla Genovese has arrived

Saclà, historic Italian foodstuff company and leader for vegetable preserves, presents a revisitation of its classic pesto alla genovese in line with recent consumption trends. A modern Pesto alla Genovese (in refrigerated tray 120 g) that is suitable for those who want to follow a tasty healthy diet. Glutin and lactose-free, and organic, this condiment is distinguished by its intense flavour. The The Vegan pesto alla Genovese is an ideal product for those seeking the unmistakable pesto taste in a new version without garlic and without cheeses.

Naturally lactose-free
An excellent vegetable condiment and naturally lactose-free, it is enriched with tofu, and cashew and pine nuts that make it ideal for a 100% vegan meal that is healthy and tasty for the whole family. Healthy, because the nuts and soya contain vegetable protein and good fats without heaviness: 2 spoons of Pesto al tofu contain the same calories as 1 spoonful of oil. Tasty, because you will not be ware of the absence of cheese, thanks to the cashew and pine nuts which provide intensity and flavour.
The Saclà range of fresh products is vast and meets everyone's tastes. Discover the other dishes on the website,

By Ugo Stella

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