‘Raise a Glass to Puglia’

A stars and stripes event involving Puglia’s wines and foods is planned for 3rd February. During the Italian wines promotion week in New York, Puglia’s wine and oil producers will be ambassadors for “brand Puglia” at “Raise a Glass to Puglia” organised by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia. This will be an important opportunity to bring some of the region’s best wines and foods to the attention of the attentive North American public  - giving particular importance to Puglia’s wines and extra virgin olive oil. The event is made possible by  funding from the Regione Puglia’s Agro-Food Resources Department.

«Drinking a toast to Puglia, and with Puglia, means raising a glass full of the extraordinary excellence which the Regione has been supporting for  years, and not just via promotional events – says the Region’s Agro-Food Resources Officer Fabrizio Nardoni – but also via strategies like the “Prodotti di Puglia” Quality Mark, certifying and valorising traceability, widespread quality and very special typical products. This is our genetic code, and using the “Agriculture and Quality” programme we have deposited it in a bank of skills, traditions, and experiences supported by the innovation and modernity which make today’s Puglia one of the most authoritative regions in line with Expo 2015, which invites us to think about how we can feed the world’s population well. Thanks to this tour – concludes Nardoni – we are telling the world about all our quality, with the enthusiasm so typical of the Movimento Turismo del Vino».

«After California, we’re returning to the USA with this important event in New York City – says Sebastiano de Corato, President of the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia Consortium. Thanks to support from Regione Puglia’s Agro-Food Resources Department, we’re ready to make the most of this new opportunity for increased visibility and promotion on one of the most prestigious markets for Puglian wines and one which offers them some of the greatest potential for growth».

Oils from Puglia’s principal olive cultivars will accompany the traditional food and guests will be able to taste them in all their delicious fragrance. Extra virgin olive oil is one of Puglia’s best-known and best-loved products on the foreign markets, and is a key factor in increasing and consolidating the reputation and credibility of the region’s entire food sector.

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