Terza Rima: an artisan beer with purity and equilibrium

The Togni Group has branched out into beer: the company based in the Marche region, which already operates in the sparkling wine, mineral water and wine sectors with the Rocca dei Forti, Frasassi and CasalFarneto brands respectively, is continuing its growth strategy by diversifying and launching its Terza Rima artisan beer. This beer is the result of a project to relaunch Italian artisan products which, as well as being unique and disTerza Rima Bionda doppio malto_75cltinctive throughout the world, are ambassadors of quality, flavour and passion.

Terza Rima is a totally natural, unpasteurised product and this is conveyed in the quality of its ingredients, namely water, malt, hops and yeast. Secondary fermentation in the bottle then completes the natural production process, enhancing the organoleptic qualities of the drink and giving every bottle its very own identity.

Terza Rima, produced for the Italian and foreign markets, is available in three different kinds: “La Bionda”, fresh with a delicate bouquet, “La Bionda doppio malto”, with distinctive notes of malt and flowering hops and “L’Ambrata”, mellow and highly hopped.

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