Processed and packaged food makes the Italian export

There are chocolate, tea, coffee, spices and above all ready meals among the most exported products of the Made in Italy in the world and that had an important growth in 2017, + 8.6%. There is no shortage of bread and pastry products (+ 10.8%), dairy products (+ 10.4%) and products for animal feed (+9.3%). All food processed and packaged by the Italian food industry, confirming the high quality value of our supply chain.
This is what emerges from the elaboration of the Milan, Monza, Brianza and Lodi Chamber of Commerce on Istat data, which certified the historical record for the export of Italian food in 2017: 40.2 billion euros, +5.5% compared to the previous year. "These are figures that certify the quality of the Italian food processing industry", said Antonio Casalini, national president of UnionAlimentari, who said he was "satisfied because the data was processed by a neutral official body. For most of the processed products listed in the study - added Casalini - the main raw material is imported, confirming that the quality of the food processing of our industries is what makes the Made in Italy".
The Chamber of Commerce has therefore elaborated a focus on the main countries that buy Italian food: Germany, France, United States, United Kingdom and Spain are half of our export. All the main destinations are growing, in particular Spain with 1.6 billion (+13.3%), thus overcoming Switzerland this year. On the top of the chart there is Germany (+ 2.5%), followed by France (+8.1%), the United States (+4.9%) and the United Kingdom (+ .7%). Russia is growing 17% (+23.8%) and China is twentieth on the list (+14.8%). Made in Italy" products also reach Canada (11th), Japan (12th), Australia (16th), and if Germany and France are the first buyers for almost all products, the United States excel at wines, mineral waters and oils, Spain for fresh fish, the Philippines and Greece for animal feeds. Austria is second in terms of cereals and rice, the United Kingdom for processed and preserved fruits and vegetables. Russia for beverages (+46%), animal feed (+51%), Portugal for chocolate, coffee and spices (+ 57%), Turkey for grains (+63%), Algeria for oils (+128 %), Hong Kong for meat (+30%), Albania for processed and preserved fish (+33%), Japan and China for ice cream (respectively +57%, +46.1%).

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