Problems in overcoming health barriers in the USA

There are still problems in overcoming health barriers in the Usa. Fragmentation and inability to grasp opportunities in a collective way have always been endemic disadvantages in the Italian manufacturing sector. They are even more evident when the obstacle which must be overcome, in this case health barriers erected by the USA, are unable to seize important opportunities, by the way in a period of stagnation as for domestic consumption. Beatrice Ciorba, who works at the Ministry of Health, says: ‘Production of salami and cold cuts suitable for export to the USA requires the application of very strict rules during the entire production process and a specific authorization. Of course, it is not simple and immediate to meet demands coming from overseas. Many notes have in fact already undergone some revisions, which however allowed identifying both required steps and key points of these exports, especially as for control activities carried out by companies, in self-control, as well as by the competent authorities, for official control, against such pathogenic microorganisms as Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella. Marco Pierantoni of Emilia-Romagna Region underlines: ‘However, repeated failures were recorded in Italian companies in the implementation of HACCP procedures and above all their prerequisites, that is to say the basic tasks of food security needed in order to maintain a hygienic environment. This indicates that the structure has not always at its disposal adequate support for risk analysis. These aspects can have a negative impact on all processes of accreditation for export to the USA’.

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