Azienda Agricola Pradio, tradition and experience

Esterni Pradio 2The wines produced by Azienda Agricola Pradio are characterized by a strong personality, and a noteworthy prominence. They bear witness to the country tradition and ten-year old experience gained by Cielo, the Venetian family who founded the company.

Both white wines, fragrant and elegant, vinified in steel, and red ones, aged in oak barrels, reflect the character of the vine from which they come and of the specific site where they grow. Their names derive from the places of this land, in the regional dialects. So, they are linked to this land, the area of Grave del Friuli DOC.

After Giovanni, the founder, to whom wine labels are dedicated, today the direction of the winery, export and marketing are assigned, respectively, to Luca and Pierpaolo Cielo, assisted by the operation manager Enrico Della Mora and the technical coordinator Beppe Bassi.

Gaiare Friulano and Tuaro Refosco

Friulano-Gaiare-PradioWith their elegant graphics, the wines by Pradio enhance colour, fragrance, body, and aromatic complexity. In addition to their freshness and drinkability, these features allow perceiving notes of minerality and flavour which give them a great refinement in tasting.

The production range of Pradio includes such red wines as Crearo, realized from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes; Roncomoro, from Merlot grapes, and Tuaro, from Refosco grapes, in addition to such white wines as Gaiare from Tocai Friulano, Priara, from Pinot grigio grapes, Teraje, from Chardonnay, Sobaja, from Sauvignon grapes, and Passaparola, a Prosecco sparkling wine.

Refosco-Tuaro-PradioGaiare Friulano is a drinkable wine, excellent as an aperitif and ideal with courses prepared with vegetables, especially asparagus in different preparations, unique thanks to its subtle but persistent scents, ranging from elder flower to light aromatic herbs and scents of almond. Its flavour is definite and genuine, with varietal characteristics enhanced by freshness and tastiness, in perfect balance of taste and smell.

Tuaro Refosco, another wine of Friuli Grave Doc, is characterized by a deep ruby colour, hints of berries, tobacco and black currants, good flavour and minerality. Rather sweet tannins, with slightly vegetable return typical of this vine, characterize it for an ideal matching with first courses with meat sauce, roast pork, and lamb chops.

Enhancing grapes and micro-productions
The yearly production of Pradio is about 400,000 bottles, of which only 80,000 are assigned to the Italian market. It is a production, exclusively directed to both traditional channel and Horeca. Luca Cielo, director of the winery, specifies: «The philosophy which characterizes our wine production is expressed in the concepts of tradition, experience, and commitment. For us, expert oenologist Gianni Menotti’s advice is essential in order to achieve the best results. With his contribution, we confirm our pursuit of excellence. Menotti’s operational way is characterized by a strong sensitivity aimed at enhancing to the utmost both grapes and micro-productions. His work can be summed up in passion, balance, power, elegance, and respect for varietal characteristics: a mix which is well represented by all our products. He is a native of Gorizia and has always known the lands of Friuli. His strong sensitivity allows him to seize at their best both in the vineyard as well as in winery the timing which marks the preparation of the wines. His goal, as well as ours, is the best enhancement of the grapes, in order to allow this land to express its authentic words».


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