Pomì and Syngenta Italia: synergies for a quality and sustainable tomato

Responsible agriculture and sustainability in production are the cornerstones of the collaboration between Pomì, Italian brand owned by ‘Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro’ producers association and Syngenta Italia, agro-industrial giant worldwide. The aim consists in integrating ‘in the field’ both production factors and respect for such natural resources as soil, water, and biodiversity.

  • This process starts from selected tomato varieties in order to obtain a finished product with new characteristics in terms of both quality and flavour.
  • The work plan provides for the adoption of suitable measures for optimizing the protection of the crop from the garden centre, ensuring the proper application of plant protection products and favouring the presence of pollinating insects in farm.
  • Advantages in terms of respect for the environment: the practices which are employed allow a sustainable use of plant protection products and contribute to a balanced management of the rural landscape.

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