Pasticceria Biasetto: re-evaluate the true artisan Panettone

panettone BiasettoA special commitment in order to adapt the original recipe to present day’s taste; the use of genuine raw materials, and a yeast base which boasts more than 80 years of history, certified by the University of Bari and preserved in the International Bank of yeast in Belgium; an unceasing research and a meticulous attention to quality and details. These are the winning features of the success met by Pasticceria Biasetto. This company was born in Padua in 1998. Luigi, Alessandro, and Sandra Biasetto, the owners, by means of unique and customized creations, want to re-evaluate the true artisan Panettone and bring back to life the historical memory of the flavours of the past, ensuring an «incomparable sensory experience».

Luigi Biasetto

Luigi Biasetto

Panettone al Cioccolato: a mixture with more than 22% milk chocolate and dark chocolate, scented with a blend of Bourbon Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico vanilla.

Panettone Milano: the original one, produced in compliance with the set of rules which regulate its manufacture, prepared with yeast, butter and fresh eggs, flours coming from selected mills, candied fruit not treated with phosphates, sultanas, and aroma of citrus and vanilla.

Panettone Classico: free of preservatives and phosphates, is enriched with candied orange peel at low temperature, raisins, acacia honey from Tuscany, icing with sweet ‘amaretto’ with almonds, and covered with almonds of Puglia.

Panettone alle Noci: with pecan nuts and caramel toffee with Tahitian vanilla, amber coloured, and stuffed with precious caramelized pecan nuts.

Panettone al Christmas Tea Damman: it blends a mixture rich in valuable raw materials and aromas obtained thanks to a long leavening, including 7 different types of dried and candied fruits, 7 oriental spices, the essence of the best Dammann blends, and 3 different origins of Bourbon vanilla.panettone Biasetto

Only in specialized and high-quality stores
Elegant boxes with handles or handmade packages are used. They are characterized by UV finishes, hot printed golden logos, seals, and satin ribbons. The distribution abroad represents 20% of the entire production of the Pasticceria Biasetto. Luigi Biasetto states: «Our foreign customers are mainly distributors of high quality products and specialized stores. We have distributors in Australia, USA, England, France, Belgium, and Spain, but we believe that such Countries as Canada, Japan, Northern Europe, and Russia can be interested in our products. Our international success is the result of our skills, of our knowledge about production methods, and of the uniqueness of Italian raw materials. Our greatest satisfaction consists in helping to raise awareness and enhance the individual ability of analysis concerning the organoleptic qualities of such a Made in Italy renowned confectionery product as the Panettone».

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