Pannarello, sweet and soft

PANNARELLO_32-2Veneto cuisine, as in the rest of northern Italy, was once based on the use of butter as a condiment in traditional dishes. However those high fat dishes were the consequence of a time when average daily calorific requirements were significantly higher, due both to the greater frequency of physical work and the lower temperatures, and traditional cuisine has managed to adapt over the years to meet modern needs by cutting back on the use of this tasty condiment.

The resulting decline in the use of butter led to an increased availability of top quality cream in traditional dairies, which, especially in the Treviso area, was put to good use to enhance that product which symbolized small family dairies and the ability of their dairyman: ‘Latteria’ cheese. By using milk of the highest quality and adding a small amount of the best cream obtained from the skimming process, the Latteria became sweeter and softer, and so Pannarello cheese was created. It’s a table cheese with a soft consistency, made from cow’s milk, with added cream. Tender creamy uniform straw yellow dough, rind absent or barely visible, it has a pleasant and fragrant flavour, typically milky and fresh.

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