Over a hundred years of pure quality

Pantaleo2Pantaleo since 1890 in Fasano (BR) Italy: the bond between the Pantaleo family and olive oil is a profound one. A history that unites three different centuries, carried forward by four generations of Apulian entrepreneurs, who have each contributed to the growth and competitivity of the Pantaleo SpA firm, continually stepping up the rhythm to enable the company to stay abreast with improvements in the marketplace.

It all started back with Antonio Pantaleo’s business idea. But it was under his son Nicola that the company really began to flourish. He took over in the late 1940s, transforming the company name into a brand that soon became synonymous with good quality oil, even beyond the confines of Apulia.

Pantaleo is proud to point out the excellence of their products among others,  “Gold Selection”  namely "Selezione Oro", which is a result of the finest selection of the oils  sharply obtained by the varieties “Coratina”, “Peranzana” and “Ogliarola” which are the most  popular cultivar in Apulia , the widest olive oil production area,  counting on 35% of the total olive oil produced in Italy.

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