Oil with natural aromas

FOTO AROMATIZZATIThe quality of Made in Italy, a passion for territory and its local traditions, an openness to the world make Frantoio Bonamini one of the symbolic examples of the unity between history and evolution. Giancarlo and Sabrina Bonamini run the historical olive-mill with great know how. The production of the DOP and Organic oils and the exclusive Santa Giustina and San Felice oils, like the related products such as the flavoured oils, the vegetables pickled in oil and the cosmetic line are all found on the hills facing the Val d’Illasi valleys, one of the most important districts at the national level with regards to the production of oil.

The Bonamini flavoured oils are produced with extra virgin olive oil and are particularly indicated to tastefully enrich typical dishes in accordance with the traditions of the Mediterranean cuisine.The Garlic Oil (98% extra virgin olive oil, 2% natural Garlic aroma and dried garlic) is a very good base for frying and for grilled or fried vegetables; excellent to prepare ‘garlic, oil and chilli pepper’ pasta sauce. The Basil Oil (98% extra virgin olive oil, 2% natural basil aroma, dried basil) is ideal to prepare delicate, fresh and summery sauces, on pasta with fresh tomatoes, excellent on a ‘caprese’ salad. The Lemon Oil (98% extra virgin olive oil, 2% natural Lemon aroma) is particularly indicated to flavour

fish dishes, salads, cooked vegetables, sweets that call for the use of lemon and lemon peel, and on “carpaccio”, thin slices of raw meat or fish. The Rosemary Oil (98% extra virgin olive oil, natural Rosemary aroma, dried rosemary) is particularly indicated to season roasts, grilled meats, white pizza bread: excellent to prepare roasted potatoes.

The other flavoured extra virgin olive oils by Bonamini are: Oregano, Chilli pepper, Truffle and Sage.

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