Oil Garda explained in five Infographics



Presented at the Olio Officina Food Festival On the 22d of January 2015 by the Consortium Oil Garda Dop as a communication tool in the Oil world, for the first time. The information is reorganized into graphical form, to explain how to properly serve Oil Garda, how it is produced, its history and its characteristics, how to read the label, and the production values of the consortium.

Highlight the Oil Garda's characteristics
Infographics are a very common method of information in the wine world. However they have not been used much until now in the oil World. They mainly highlight the Oil Garda's characteristics utilizing shapes and numbers, but also show important issues that are true for any quality oil. Examples: reading a PDO (Protected Designation Origin) Oil's label, or the stages of production of an oil from the collection to the storage.

Social channels
Infographics will be spread and popularized by the Consortium through social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and used as promotional material in trade shows and events.

Andrea Bertazzi, president of the Oil Garda Consortium declares: "We were looking for a method of communication that could help consumers during the purchase of quality products. We were inspired by the wine world where infographics are very common. We cautiously collected data and numbers and at the same time summarized the complex mechanisms of our Oil in a graphic way".

Info: www.oliogardop.it

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