More safety for Italian babyfood products thanks to AIIPA’s new campaign

di Adriano Palazzolo

It is called “Nutrizione e sicurezza specializzate” (specialized nutrition and safety) and it is the new campaign supported by AIIPA, the Italian Association of Food Product Industries, with the aim to clarify the features and the nutritional quality of specific food in early childhood.
The campaign comes with the opening of a new website,, and the distribution of information flyers in the pediatric offices to explain the nutritional values of food for children with a reference to the importance of breastfeeding, which guarantees infants and young children the best and proper nutrition.
The scientific content of the leaflets were shared with the Italian Paediatrics Society (SIP) and the Italian Federation of Paediatricians (FIMP).
"Today only one out of four moms believes that for her baby it is important to introduce into his/her diet specific food for infants as nutritionally appropriate", underlines Andrea Budelli, Chairman of the Group AIIPA - Early childhood food and products for specialized nutrition. "With this campaign we hope to fill this information gap by communicating the value of the group of food for children, often subject to stereotypes and incorrect information".

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