Modena Ham, bright red and sweet smell

Modena DOP Ham is obtained from the thighs of domestic pigs reared and fed according to rigid production requirements directed at the attainment of high quality meat; all the phases of rearing, slaughtering and curing are controlled and certified. The curing takes place in the typical zone corresponding with the range of hills along the banks of the Panaro river between the provinces of Modena and Bologna. All the production phases of the cured ham are carried out in this area, which is particularly adapted to this traditional production. The appennine territory, thanks to a salubrious microclimate characterized by a low level of humidity, favours the attainment of a high qualitative standard of curing of Modena ham, which is continued for a period of at least 14 months. The brand placed on the hide at the conclusion of the curing identifies the ham as a DOP, guaranteeing the provenance of the meat and the application of traditional production procedures according to the production specifications.

These procedures and the product quality are carefully checked by a control and certification body appointed for this purpose by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, fully respecting the European rulings that regulate production with the DOP.

The production of Modena ham is disciplined by the application of a series of stamps and seals which are function of the control activity and indispensable to attaining after curing the brand of conformity that represent a guarantee to the consumer in terms of provenance and traceability of the meat as well as confirmation it has been produced according to rigorous disciplines. In this sense the brand loses its own commercial connotation to acquire a certificated nature.

Nutritional characteristics and healthy taste

Its main characteristics are its weight, which is usually between eight and ten kilos after maturing, the bright red colour of its cut, its savoury but not salty taste and lastly its strong, sweet smell. It is a healthy and nutrient food, with a balance of fats, protein and vitamins in an essentially lean meat that is extremely digestible with a high proteic content and a low cholesterol level, therefore adapted to all types of diet.

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