Melegatti opens its first factory dedicated exclusively to the production of croissants

Melegatti“A major investment for the company. For the first time after 123 years, we will open the first plant for the production of croissants only”. With this words Emanuela Perazzoli, president of Melegatti Spa, explained the next big step of the company.

Thanks to his skill in the pastry, in 2012 Melegatti entered this market by offering a new range of croissants with Granleggeri and Morbidi Risvegli, whose production will be right at the new factory in San Martino Buon Albergo, near Verona.

At the inaugation day there was also the singer Valerio Scanu, testimonial of Melegatti’s Granleggeri for alreasy for years.VALERIO SCANU

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