Mela Modì: 2015 campaign proves to be dynamic and positive

Laura Seguso

In the 2014-2015 season, ‘Consorzio Modì Europa SpA’ producers association marketed on the international market about 10 thousand tonnes of product. An uncertain start of the season was followed by a dynamic commercial spring, especially for red and two-coloured varieties. In general terms, the sale trend of Modì® is positive, with a de-stocking of the product about 80% of which is intended for abroad and the remaining 20% for home market.

Dario Lezziero, Manager of Modì Europe SpA, explains: “Some markets are proving to be especially receptive. I am referring to Germany, to the home market, which is consistently at the top of the list of the most sensitive markets, but also to Poland, that appreciates Modì® product characterized by high quality and high-average calibre; Norway, Denmark and England, on the other hand, prefer small size fruits’. Special attention is also provided by the Countries of Central Europe and Scandinavia, as well as customers of Mediterranean area. Lezziero continues: ‘In addition, a good potential for development comes from the Asian market. Positive feedbacks are obtained from India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Singapore”.

Throughout the year direct actions were realized at the sale point and in particular on the web, with ‘Modì Smart Chef’ contest for Facebook users, now in its second edition, dedicated to Italian and German consumers. The recipes found in the reference section of the website are appreciated and good results come from the fan page, which more than doubled the number of likers, thanks to profiled and strongly appealing contents dedicated to trends, smart recipes proposed in sustainable cooking, information on apple, and nutritional benefits.

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