Mastri Birrai Umbri: ‘customized’ beers

Cotta 37Mastri Birrai Umbri, the name given to the brewery established by Farchioni family in 2010 - the family already known in Italy for their dedication in the food domain - expects to end 2014 with 15 thousand hectolitres, ranking among the top producers of Italian craft beer.

Giampaolo Farchioni explains: «We prepared different recipes, developed for beers produced only with the high fermentation method, neither filtered nor pasteurized, and of course with no preservatives or technological adjuvants». The philosophy of the brewery consists in maintaining the traditional production methods, proposing innovations as for the ingredients which are used. Farchioni continues: «Therefore, we customize beers in an Italian and Umbrian way, so creating new and recognizable flavours». Farchioni also bets on experimentation, carried out with a 100 litre pilot plant: «With it we test new ingredients, develop new recipes, and refine the existing ones».

The production includes several formats: ml 750 and 375 bottles, and 30 litre ‘KeyKeg’ keg. «All beers are subjected to a second fermentation either in keg or bottle, thus obtaining a slight and natural effervescence, and a taste which is evolving’.

Mastri Birrai Umbri’s bottle has been designed and patented in order to characterize the product and enhance the flavour of the beers. «Each bottle is sealed with a crown cap, but is also equipped with a mechanical cap, which allows closing it during consumption, so avoiding the loss of effervescence and the oxidation of the drink, in such a way as to maintain its organoleptic characteristics from the first sip to the last one».

The beers  

Cotta 21 (5% alcohol): it is unfiltered, characterized by a blond and veiled colour, with a persistent and compact foam. Its scent is rich in citrus notes, with hints of spice and summer fruit. It is produced by means of the selection of Italian quality spelt and malts. Its taste is delicate and soft, with herbal notes due to the hop used. It is ideal as an aperitif, and goes very well with fresh cheese, fishes, shellfishes.

Cotta 50 (5.5% alcohol): it is unfiltered, characterized by a bright yellow and veiled colour. It also distinguishes itself for white, creamy, very persistent foam. In its scent, notes of ripe yellow fruit, banana, and spices express themselves. In its flavour, the delicate and smooth taste of ripe fruit is accompanied by spicy notes of yeast and a strong effervescence. Slightly sour and refreshing. It goes well with raw vegetables, bluefish (especially anchovies, pilchards, and mackerels), fresh cheeses, and grilled white meat.

Cotta 68Cotta 37 (5.5% alcohol): it is red, intensely coppery, always unfiltered and therefore with slight veiling which nevertheless allows glimpsing beautiful flashes of light. Its scent is dominated by mineral and caramelized notes. Its flavour is round and balanced, thanks to the use of such selected raw materials as chickling and roasted malts. It is ideal with pizza, first courses, soups, white meat, and medium-aged cheeses.

Cotta 74 (6% alcohol): it is inspired by Belgian Dubbel beers. Its colour is dark brown, with a fine and compact foam. In its scent, aroma of caramel and spice notes emerges. As it is produced by combining tradition and innovation, with the use of Italian lentil and a selection of roasted and toasted malts, its flavour distinguishes itself for its strong and original character, which enhances its full and balanced body. The warm notes of dark chocolate and complex aftertaste make it elegant and persistent. It goes well with red meats, aged cheeses, meats, pizza, and desserts made with dark chocolate or coffee.

Cotta 68 (7.5% alcohol): it is characterized by an intense yellow colour, naturally veiled because of the absence of filtration. It shows golden reflections as well as white and persistent foam. In its scent, the fresh herbaceous notes of aromatic hops are clearly distinguished. Its taste imposes itself, because this beer, inspired by the tradition of the Belgian strong ales, is a pure malt barley beer. By tasting it, it is possible to distinguish the intense and caramelized notes typical of these beers, balanced by the bitterness of hops and ripe fruit due to the high fermentation yeasts which are used. Its finish is persistent and complex. It goes well with mature cheeses, seasoned or smoked salami, spicy or aromatic courses.

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