Lavazza’s new flagship store is coming

In autumn, the first Lavazza flagship in the world will open in the centre of Milan. Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice-president of the most important Italian coffee group, said: ‘We want to create a great magic around the world of coffee. We will propose it in unprecedented forms, but at present we don't intend to plan a chain. It will be a unique project’. Andrea Mazza, who works at Lavazza Training Centre in Turin, said: ‘We have created at least fifteen coffee-based cocktails, but the possibilities are almost endless. Coffee has at least a thousand aromatic molecules within it...’ The opening, expected after the summer break, will allow Lavazza to anticipate Starbucks, the American giant that will reach the Lombard regional capital next year. Giuseppe Lavazza, who emphasises that he does not fear the arrival of the American giant, continues: ‘Starbucks? Lavazza serves 27 billion cups a year. We are accustomed to American competition. We face it every day on international markets’.

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