Laimburg winery, quality wine from South Tyrol

The Laimburg Province Winery covers over 45 hectares of vineyard covering soil with a variety of nature characteristics. Its altitude is between 200 and 750 meters above sea level in the Bassa Atesina which is located in northern Italy on the road leading from Veneto to the border of Austria.


The range
The Laimburg Province Winery offers 15 different varieties of wine. In order to guard barrels and bottles, it practices the "Cellar in the rock" method, whose natural constant temperature offers ideal conditions for the aging of dark red wines. The white wines, the rosé wines and the younger red wines are put to age in stainless steel tanks.


Two production lines
There are two production lines: the "Vini del podere" and the "Selezione Maniero".
Among the first are:
- the Pinot Grigio, full-bodied wine, dry, complimentary with fish and poultry
- the Chardonnay, slightly fruity and persistent in taste
- Pinot Bianco, reminiscent of a delicate floral bouquet and dry at the end of the tasting
- Müller Thurgau, with nutmeg notes
- Riesling, refined and with citrus mineral hints
- Gewürztraminer is strong in taste
- Kerner, Moscato Giallo and Sauvignon are highly recommended.
Among the reds stand; the Lago di Caldaro "Ölleiten", extracted from the "Uve di schiava" grapes, a local native variety and the Lagrein, the Pinot Nero Riserva and the Merlot Riserva.


laimburg Gewürztraminer


Among the "Selezione Maniero" the Sauvignon "Oyèll" is a well-structured white wine, with hints of fig milk and currants; balanced and harmonious is the Gewürztraminer "Elyònd" and the "Sauvignon Passito Saphir" which is considered a real gem. It is the only sweet wine from South Tyrol that is exclusively made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes.


150,000 bottles of fine wine, now exported to Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Trinidad.


By Paola Lamanna



Günther Pertoll
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Podere Provinciale Cantina Laimburg
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