Kalamaro Piadinaro opens in Milan

Kalamaro Piadinaro, recently presented by CIRFOOD RETAIL, opens in Milan. In the restaurant the classic piadina recipe is enriched with gourmet combinations thanks to the chefs' creativity, while the restaurant menu offers, in addition to fish, shellfish and seafood dishes, also interesting meat or vegetarian alternatives. The different mixtures are prepared by a craft workshop, as well as the ingredients are carefully selected from PDO, PGI and typical products of the Emilia-Romagna region. The offer is completed by the ice cream of Kitchen Ice. The careful production planning aims to eliminate waste consistent with the values ​​of sustainability and environmental protection, to which CIRFOOD has always been particularly attentive and sensitive. Guests can discover the flavors of sea and land, between fidelity to the tradition of the territory and culinary experimentation, with simple and good dishes, also ideal to share.

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