Jams… not only for breakfast

????????????Jams are always perfect for a delicious breakfast, as well as for decorating and filling such sweets as pies, cakes, cookies, puddings, and baked fruit. In addition, they go very well with many cheeses.

In Calabria, the region which boasts the most envied bergamot and cedar in the world, the company ‘Solefrutta’ - located in a charming seaside town, Trebisacce, especially proud of a late variety of oranges, the ‘Biondo Trebisacce’ - has been able to safeguard a wisdom and ancient artisan art in the production of jams and marmalades.

The basis of excellence: citrus fruits
Solefrutta carefully considers the seasonality of cultivars and orchards. It was born with the aim of enhancing one of the most important resources that the Plain of Sybaris owns, citrus fruits, and its main activity consists in transforming them into jams and jellies within 48 hours from their gathering. For this, processing techniques which derive from the ancient tradition of Calabria are used, following the classic traditional recipes, which require the exclusive use of top-quality fruit and sugar. Mr Pizzini, owner of Solefrutta, explains: «Every jam and marmalade, in possession of the Organic Certification issued by the Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute – a Consortium that controls and certifies companies which carry out their activities in respect of people and nature, defending workers’ dignity and consumers’ rights – contains 82% of fruit, without the use of preservatives, and it is produced in an artisan way, according to the ancient traditional recipe, using a slow cooking process». The careful selection of the best raw materials, alongside with the focus on quality, verified in every stage of the manufacturing process, helped to make jams and preserves by Solefrutta a food excellence, much appreciated by consumers both in Italy and abroad, where the products are exported to Finland, Sweden, Germany, USA, Canada.

Respect for nature and technical awareness

A fair and proper balance between utmost respect for nature, its cycles and its harmony, as well as technical awareness, are the mission of this company. The variety of the products is constantly updated, thanks to periodical testing of new combinations among clementine-e-liquiriziathe main citrus of Calabrian tradition - bergamot orange, citron, oranges - and other unique and exclusive products of this Region: IGP clementines of Calabria, IGP Lemon of Rocca Imperiale, oranges of Calabria, IGP hot pepper of Calabria, DOP liquorice of Calabria.
From fresh fruit, controlled and tracked in every stage of the supply chain in order to guarantee authenticity, quality standards, and transparency towards stakeholders, jams and marmalades are produced and packaged, in both extra and organic lines, too.

Jams and marmalades are prepared with clementines, citron, oranges, and lemons, suitable for filling pies, small cakes, cookies, and which go very well with fresh cheeses, too; apricot extra jams, ideal at breakfast, excellent for filling cakes and brioches; or strawberry extra jams, excellent for filling tarts and sweet flans; apple and liquorice, fig, kiwi fruit jams, all of them prepared paying attention to every detail, and with valuable packaging, in glass with jars which follow the model of pitchers, for conventional products, with folding label and cardboard cover cap for the organic ones.
bergamottiThe jams prepared with bergamot are unparalleled. This citrus - characterized by a precious peel, similar to a small orange - grows almost exclusively in that corner of Calabria which surrounds Reggio Calabria, and it has become a symbol of the entire area. Nowhere else in the world there is a place where this citrus fructifies with the same yield and quality as the ones of Calabria. Mr Pizzini, who made of bergamot orange one of the flagships of his company, specifies: «The countless attempts of transplanting this plant elsewhere, including the one carried out by Japanese who tried to plant it in the distant island of Taiwan, proved to be vain». Mr Pizzini adds that the presence of Calabrian bergamot orange was demonstrated between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the first plantation of bergamot oranges would have been planted in 1750. The reasons for which bergamot orange reaches its organoleptic perfection only in the area of Reggio resides in a combination of such factors as the slight difference in temperature between day and night throughout the year; the geomorphological configuration of the cultivated area; the sirocco winds which regularly invest the area, bringing heavy rains in the winter acedrind humid hot in the summer; the soil, characterized by alluvial lands rich in minerals, and the southern exposure of the entire area.
Cedar jams too are delicious and unique. Cedar is a plant with very ancient origins, already known 4000 years ago by the Egyptians, which in the homonymous ‘Riviera del Cedri’ (in which the country which certainly boasts the most ancient and special bond with this plant is ‘Santa Maria del Cedro’) finds the right climate and favourable conditions for its cultivation.

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