Italian Lavazza Espresso comes back into space

Lavazza-Argotec-3ISSpresso Lavazza was among the protagonists of the training session dedicated to astronaut Paolo Nespoli, which took place at the laboratories of the premises of Argotec in Turin. Argotec is the engineering Italian aerospace company with which Lavazza realised - in public / private partnership with the Italian Space Agency - the innovative machine ISSpresso, which provided the first espresso ever in the absence of gravity.

During the last 'Futura (Future)' mission in the International Space Station, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti became, in fact, not only the first Italian woman to go into space, but also the first astronaut ever to drink the authentic Italian espresso in orbit. After 22-month stay in space, ISSpresso machine will be protagonist again during the mission called ‘Vita (Life)' (Vitality, Innovation, Technology, Ability), which will allow another Italian astronaut not to give up the ritual of Italian coffee.

The innovative coffee machine will offer the taste of Italian espresso to new crew, cheering their stay on board. In addition, it will offer again the opportunity of researching, with in-depth study on themes of fluid dynamics and conditions in microgravity.

Marco Lavazza, Vice President of Lavazza Group, said for this occasion: 'With the new space mission, this collaboration between Argotec and Lavazza, which symbolise the Italian talent, will be again protagonist of the world space scenery and we can be proud of this’.

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