Italian food outdoes transport in foreign trade

Monthly export of Made in Italy food outdoes that of transport - cars, motorcycles and trucks. This is what emerges from an analysis by Coldiretti based on Istat data on foreign trade in the first eight months of 2013. In August, export of agricultural products, food and beverages amounted to 2.454 million € compared to 2.072 million € made by export transport. Food - Coldiretti states - is also in sharp contrast to the general trend with an increase of 6% in the first eight months of the year driven by foreign demand. If this trend will continue, food will mark the record of 34 billion € in export value in 2013.  A record that - according to Coldiretti - shows that Italy and its future are related to Italy's great creativity, that of small and medium-sized farmers, artisans, manufacturers which grow and conquer the world. There's an excellent Italian food which meet the essential needs of consumers, citizens, tourism, art, culture, beauty, innovation. This is the future of Italy - concludes Coldiretti - with the preservation of a unique human and social capital in the world.

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