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soufflè pistacchio

Pistachio soufflé

‘Martinucci’, a company which was founded as a chain of bakeries and ice cream shops, is located at Specchia, in the province of Lecce, and boasts a renowned tradition in the domain of confectionery, which began in 1940. The turning point came in 1984, when the owners decided to add to the traditional and artisan production, which at that time was present in each store Martinucci, the industrial one of cakes, Italian soft ice-cream and ice cream, pursuing the same values ​​of quality, tradition, innovation, and respect for their land which had accompanied owners’ choices until then. The development in the industrial sector marked a new beginning for the Martinucci Group, which today is a premium brand in the field of frozen pastry and ice cream for the Food Service channel, employs 50 workers, has two manufacturing plants which cover more than 10,000 square meters, is present on the market with a large number of shops, and, thanks to a very high percentage of export, reaches the most important world markets.
Authentic confectionery of the Italian tradition

Mini Tiramisù

Tiramisù single portion

Martinucci sweets, mainly required by the world of restaurants and cafés, represent an excellence of Made in Italy just as they are authentic products of Italian confectionery tradition, entirely handcrafted and made ​​by hand. As a matter of fact, the machinery support some working stages and only for some types of specific productions. At present, the most remarkable products are ‘Tiramisu’ single portion, an especially appreciated idea of this company, chocolate soufflé, and the traditional ‘Pasticciotto’ of Lecce, an emblem of pastry of Salento, made o​f fragrant short pastry with custard, and of which Martinucci registered the name, guarantees the on-site production, and is undisputed leader, with annual sales of over one million pieces. Other highlights of Martinucci’s production are croissants, ​​entirely made by hand; cheesecake with figs, a crunchy biscuit base with mascarpone and ricotta, stuffed with jam and decorated with fig jam and figs into pieces; Panna Cotta Caramel Beurré Salé, with caramel sauce and salted butter; Pistachio soufflé, a sweet with white chocolate enriched with pistachio and a liquid core; Torta della Nonna and Torta alla Fragola, short pastry with lemon custard and short pastry with cream and sponge cake decorated with strawberries, and Trancio Tiramisù, made ​​with sponge cake soaked with coffee, and fresh mascarpone cream and finger biscuits soaked in coffee.

The so called 'Pasticciotto leccese'

The so called 'Pasticciotto leccese'

More and more single portions
Rocco Martinucci, chief commercial officer of the company, underlines: «Every product is born with a clear expression of the typically Italian craftsmanship and is characterized by a careful selection of each raw material. So, our products allow offering a range of highest level cakes, with an incredible variety». The marketing strategy of the company consists in evolving towards single portions. This means that there is a considerable variety offered, on the other hand allows offering to the final consumer an always fresh product. Martinuccis’ properties are guaranteed by IFS certification in ‘high level’ (the highest level), one of the most rigorous regulations concerning quality of the product at the international level, which has allowed the company to penetrate the world market in the field of Large-Scale Retail Trade.

Torta Fragola

New products and certifications
At present, 30% of Martinuccis’ production is exported abroad, thanks to wholesalers and specialized buyers, especially in Russia, Central Europe, and Middle East. Martinucci explains: «We are aiming at reaching 80% of export. As a matter of fact, we intend to ask for the BRC certification, in order to have the opportunity of entering new markets. In addition to the development of single portion line, we are also considering the idea of selling online, and are working at creating a new brand. We intend to carry out studies concerning tastes too and assess new opportunities for tasting sweets, expand again our manufacturing plant, and equip ourselves with new machinery in 2014: all this will allow us to increase the range of products as well as production capacity. Our strength is the passion for our job and constant desire to improve. As for this, in recent years we have tried to pay special attention to the glycemic index of our creations, trying to propose, with the same taste, not too sweet products, but ‘happily sweet’ ones, because life is made of small and large sweet occasions! My greatest satisfaction certainly consists in going in a foreign Country, walking in main streets and notice that cafés and restaurants expose my products as a ‘jewel’».

Cheesecake with figs

Cheesecake with figs

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