Granarolo lands in India with its dairy products

The partecipation at the exhibition in New Delhi by Granarolo is important for the dimension of the market but also for building stable commercial relationships with the area.

Focus on vegetarian Indian consumers
Made in Italy products are specifically designed for the Indian market and formulated to meet demands coming from consumers who eat vegetarian products only, too.
At the same time, the aim consists in enhancing EuropeanFoods India as a key supplier of imported, authentically Italian products, able to generate value for both customers and local market. For this reason, Granarolo bets on cheese ripened for over 10 months, made from Italian milk only, as well as on ice-cream; both products, in addition to being real flagships of Italy, can boast the ‘green point’, which the rules of this Country acknowledge to pure vegetarian products only.

Range of products
he excellence of Made in Italy proposed by Granarolo for India is made up of:
- Fresh Italian cheeses, especially "burrata" and frozen buffalo mozzarella, long life mascarpone, able to meet the needs of demanding catering, inspired by chefs with international experience.
- Italian ripened cheese: Grand Opera, which is a cheese made from Italian milk only, ripened for over 10 months, lysozyme-free and with microbial rennet, perfect on pasta or as an ingredient in salads and vegetarian courses; smoked Provola and Gorgonzola, preferred for their taste and inspired by the Italian dairy traditions.
- Uht whipping cream and Uht béchamel sauce, ideal for both Patisserie and the most sophisticated cuisine.
- The range of Italian ice-cream prepared with High Quality fresh milk: 6 fresh flavours with creamy texture, for a pleasantly unique experience.
- Uht vegetable drinks, organic and vegan ready meals, traditional breadsticks, innovative snacks made from cheese with microbial rennet, balsamic vinegar, semolina pasta and egg pasta with a high protein content.

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