Good expectations for the first edition of Tropical Fruit Congress

The first edition of Tropical Fruit Congress, the first European summit dedicated to avocado and mango that will be hosted at Macfrut, is recording good numbers. Three months before the event begins, there are already over a hundred members from the main producing countries (Chile, Mexico, California, Spain first in Europe) and the main importers (the Netherlands in particular) of all over the world.
The interest in exotic fruits is so increasing to record double-digit growth figures, confirming their inclusion in the Istat "basket". In Italy the average consumption of avocados is 0.23 kg per person, far from the 2.5 kg of Northern Europe, and last year it recorded an amazing +23% (in volume 14 million kg), amongst the best performances of the Continent (source Wao, World Organization of the Avocado).
A percentage destined to grow again, given the attraction of consumers. It is no coincidence that imports from Europe in 2016 reached 340 thousand tons, with an expected growth of 517 thousand tons in 2018.

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