Gianni Di Lella is the new Rizzoli Emanuelli testimonial

di Adriano Palazzolo

The world famous pizza maker from Maranello is the new food Ambassador of the Parma-based company, specialized since 1906 in the production of canned fish.
The partnership between the company and Di Lella aims to raise attention for new combinations in a perfect balance of ingredients and dough.
The flavor of fillets of anchovies in spicy sauce, made by the secret recipe that Rizzoli family handed down orally to the firstborn for over a century, will enhance Gianni Di Lella's creations.
The fillings will be made also with fillets of tuna and mackerel, which combine health and taste.
"Our products are perfect to give an original touch to pizza, the most famous and popular expression of Made in Italy in the world. The synergy with Gianni Di Lella will help to test new combinations that highlight the unique flavor of our fish specialties", said Federica Siri, Marketing and Trade marketing manager of Rizzoli Emanuelli .

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