Garda tells about the extreme olive oil from the shores of alpine lakes

Garda Oli02Avant-garde: This theme was the central idea of a rich programme of events and meetings in Milan. The event, at its fifth edition, was conceived and organized by the expert connoisseur of oil Luigi Caricato, and was organized as usual at ‘Palazzo delle Stelline’ in Milan. During this event the experts talked about extreme olive growing in northern Italy, the one that is carried out on the shores of alpine lakes, especially Lake Garda. ‘Consorzio Olio Garda Dop’ producers’ association dealt with Garda Oil03‘The reason for the commercial success of Garda oil’, told the reasons for the positive feedback of these products on the market of extra virgin olive oils with protected denomination of origin. This success went a long way. Guided tastings allow learning to appreciate a typical and extremely particular product, unique in its characteristics. The consumers who want to approach pre-alpine olive oils should begin their tasting with reference to three main areas of production: the oil coming from the shores in the territory of Brescia, the one which comes from the eastern shores, and finally the production in ‘high lake’, already in Trentino region.

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