Fruits ahead

Vis renewed the look of his three Extra Jam Lines. “Poesie di frutta”, “Natura golosa” and “Natura e tradizione” are the new names of the three Extra Jam lines branded Vis. A new graphics line with the back white and the brand with the image of fruit taste ahead. A clean linear graphics thought to be more recognizable for the consumers and to highlight the high quality of the fruits included in the products.

Natura e Tradizione

Takes pride of place among Vis preserves. The high fruit content satisfies even the most demanding palates with particular flavours. To underline its uniqueness, this range is sold in simply and elegantly shaped jars, through a network of exclusive outlets.

Available tastes: apricot, peach, wildberries, blueberry, strawberry, Raspberry, ACE (orange, carrots and limes), Lingonberries, Cherry, Rosehip.

Poesie di frutta

It’s mostly made with wild berries, the special fruits that have always characterized the company's production. Each of them is an extraordinary experience for the palate: the delicate taste of raspberries, the intensity of blueberries, the sweetness of chestnut cream. The modern and refined line of the hexagonal jar emphatizes the particular elegance of this product.

Available taste: blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, chestnuts, red-currant, wildberries, ACE (orange, carrots and limes).

Natura golosa

The "Natura Golosa" range is recognizable by the traditional round jar with an elegant paper lid cover. Elder and red currant are found alongside the more traditional peach, apricot and strawberry.

Available tastes: apricot, red-currant, orange, peach, figs, sour-cherry, wildberries, plum, blueberry, elder, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, chestnuts, quinche.

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