Fruit players join forces to boost the export

Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium and Poland are the six EU countries who decided to share a common platform to ask the EU Commission to support the export outside the European Union, a market where it is estimated 95% of new potential customers can be reached.

Südtirol 2008,The document was signed in Bolzano during Interpoma, the international trade fair for apple firms,  at a conference organized by Assomela  and the alliance of agri-food cooperatives.

Italy is the second European producer -after Poland- of the apple sector, and that,  along with kiwifruit, is one of the most strategic products for the export.

Davide Vernocchi, sector coordinator of the alliance of agri-food cooperatives,  said: “There are still too many issues for the fruit and vegetables industry to get new commercial outlets. Every day European players have to cope with a series of obstacles, most of the time created by the importing countries, that require long and exhausting negotiations”.

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